How to NOT be Invincible

I wish I was invincible. Actually, scratch that. I wish that I had a little more Wolverine in me, with that quick healing mutant power.

To understand, you need some back story. I have fought many enemies… school deadlines, malfunctioning computers, falling exacto knives. However, it seems this BG met her match with a flight of concerte stairs in a parking garage. These stairs (wet with rain) got the best of me, and I fell down them and onto my knee.

Now, this happened in April of last year, but I, naturally thinking I was pretty bad ass and fairly invincible, just decided to ignore the problem. That is until about November of last year, when I had put up with months of pain and a general weakening in my ability to do everyday things. This sent me through a blur of doctors: From general practice to x-ray to cat scan to general practice again to physical therapist and finally to orthopedic surgeon. Hooray for Me. So next week I will be taking on my newest enemy: Knee Surgery. Not that it is that unusual in my family: Both Batman and my brother (Ironman to you, for his wicked computer skills) have had it done.

In the midst of Green Lantern packing everything up and ready to go for deployment, and me taking on work, I struggle with this sorely needed surgery that will hopefully be the cure-all for all of the pain I have endured for almost a year, and missing a long stretch of work, which is difficult for me. Working with special education kids, I hate the fact that I have to disrupt their schedule, which can make them edgy anyway, and leaving them as a burden on someone else. Also the after-school activity I work, the Drama club, is getting ready to do their show, and this keeps me out of almost all of the remaining rehearsals. More than enough reason to make me nervous.

So this explaination brings me full circle back to the wishing for a little more Wolverine, without the Adamantium skeleton of course. By my logic, I wouldn’t need the surgery to fix it, because my body would have naturally healed itself long ago, taking care of the whole situation. *Sigh* Too bad all of that stuff we read in comics can’t be real.



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