Surgery and Recovery

It may be too early to tell, but I think I am well on my way to beating knee surgery.

I went into the surgery yesterday feeling ok, and not even nervous. This is one of the qualities that I struggle with more than anything. If there is one thing that I have always wanted to be, it is fearless like my Batman. So I was feeling pretty good… until they sent Green Lantern home. Not even wait in the waiting room in I’m done, they sent him HOME. Well I got changed and they put the thing for my IV in my arm and I waited. It seemed like forever. I struggled, trying not to let my nerves get the best of me. Luckily I didn’t have to wait to long.

My anesthesiologist, the self-proclaimed “Dream Doctor” came and got me and took me into the operation theatre like he was escorting a princess to the ball. Not exactly my ideal situation, but appreciated the “Alfred” kind of nature to him. He was comfortable. I laid down on the table and had a little bit of Bruce Banner kind of moment as they strapped my arms down. All I could think was “Really? You expect me to get up and start punching you or what?” The anesthesia worked quick; I told the doctor I wanted to dream about being a beach.

In actuality, I didn’t dream anything. I woke up very sore, staring at a clock that was almost at noon, and the only thing I could think was “I want my husband.” After asking for Green Lantern over and over, one of the nurses finally said he was on his way. He came in, and instantly I felt some comfort. I got released around 2:30. Mind you… a couple of interesting things happened before that. First, I discovered that every time I sat up, I got horribly nauseous and tried to pass out. The fun of high doses of medicine and no food. Second, I had a long tube connected to a plastic container coming out of knee. And it was slowly filling up with blood. This tube was to be connected to me for a full day. I immediately felt gross.

So Green Lantern slowly took me home, with me fighting with my crutches and trying not to create any more pain then I already had. He put some food in my stomach quickly (beef jerky and a brownie) so I wouldn’t get to light-headed, since he had to go back to work and attempt to save the day. I was ok; still running with a decent amount of medicine in my system so I slept it off until he came home. Then things started to get interesting. My pain levels got really high, the light-headedness came back with a vengeance. Green Lantern gave me some meds, and I ate about half my body weight in white rice because I was so hungry. This cured the nausea, but the pain was getting worse. By the time I went to bed (on the couch, because I couldn’t actually get on the bed) I was just trying to manage it enough to sleep. Needless to say, between my connected jug of blood and pain, I was very restless. I kept dreaming about Harley Quinn (our dog) getting wrapped up in the cord or Nora (like Victor Freeze’s wife), our cat, would try to play with it and then would pop it open and get blood everywhere.

At 6:45 this morning, I actually got up, by myself, for the first time. Poor Green Lantern; Up to this point, he had to get up (or wake up for the bought at 2 in the morning) to help me move around. For some reason, this felt like a major accomplishment. I was in a lot of pain, and very stiff. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t WAIT to go to the doctor for something. Green Lantern went to work to get the day’s proceeding started, then came home to take me to my appointment.

Tube removal was… painful to say the least. Luckily Green Lantern was in a mood to be a smart ass this morning, and gave the doctor an opportunity to pull it out while was paying attention to him. I can say though that I immediately felt better once I didn’t have a container of blood hanging off of my body. We also found out two things that were very important: One, that Green Lantern was only giving me about a 1/5 of my dosage for pain meds because they were drops, and we weren’t sure how many to put in my drinks. Second, he also gets to give me shots in my abdomen once a day for next week. Yay.

So the problem in my knee was (Drumroll please) folded soft tissue. Now there was some inflammation in my meniscus, which was a little problem. But most of it can be explained by Plica Syndrome. Here’s a link, if your interested:

Today, once we got the dosage corrected for my meds, I feel much better. I got the hang of my crutches, can put a little weight on it, and pain isn’t nearly as bad. Granted, I am still spending the majority of my day laying or sitting down, but it means that I can get up and go to the bathroom or get myself food without help. Let’s hope my super strength is going to come back in full capacity now that I got through this.



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