A Note About Green Lantern

What do you know about Green Lantern? Hal Jordan (The most famous Lantern from the Series, though of course there were many others) is a reckless pilot, a smart-ass, and says a lot of things he probably shouldn’t. He is also smart and confident with seemingly endless strength and willpower. He is brutally honest, and lives without fear. He would never back down from a fight. And we can’t forget that he is pretty  much responsible for the fate of the galaxy over and over again.

This in a nutshell, minus the fate of the galaxy thing, is my husband.

After this week, I feel like I owe this to my husband. Green Lantern has been more than good to me this week. He has come to my every need. He has left work multiple times, shuffling me back and forth from the doctor’s office, picking me up if I fall, or letting me rest when I get a little overzealous trying to jump ahead of my healing. What’s more, he actually took his one day off this weekend and built me a set for the Drama Club at the school when we were afraid we wouldn’t have anything in time. He did all of this, in spite of the fact that his deployment is coming on fast, and he is having to solve crisis after crisis at work.

I sometimes have to sit back and look at him in awe. I have never been one to doubt my own powers; my parents were always amazing in reminding me that anything I EVER set my mind to could be accomplished. In many ways, I feel like I have accomplished more than most people thought I could, and in a shorter amount of time. I take someone telling me I can’t do it as a personal challenge to prove them wrong. I feel the need to be the best at everything I try. I feel every emotion I have so strongly that it’s almost violent, and I don’t do anything halfway. I’m intense and struggle with letting things go.

Green Lantern seems to be all of these things I value: smart, powerful, strong, and calming. He can bring my hysteria down and remind me of all of the strengths I have when I start to doubt. He can be anything, and everything at the same time. He is not perfect, but he is cut perfectly to match me.

I have been thinking a lot about him, and him going to war. In this case, I am finding myself feeling powerless. I don’t feel like Batgirl; I feel more like Penelope, weaving and waiting for my Odysseus to come home.

I guess I really just want to say this: Green Lantern is my hero. He has stolen my heart, and just continues to prove to me, like he has done this week, that he is the Prince I imagined when I was a little girl. I could never thank him enough for everything he has done, especially this week when I couldn’t do it myself. I am so proud to be his wife. And even though he can’t turn that sarcastic mouth off, and his lack of fear scares me to death, and his confidence is so huge it can come off as cocky to everyone else, I wouldn’t change a single thing about him, or give him up. He is a master of his willpower, just like the Green Lantern everyone else is familiar with, and that is one of the things I really love about him. Honestly, he inspires me to be better, to try harder, and to never give up.  And that is something I think everyone needs in their life.



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