The Answer is “Yes”

Hello All,

I find myself in an interesting mood today. I’m not sad or upset really, even though missing Green Lantern is weighing heavily on my mind. I just can’t believe how slowly the time passes when he is away from me. I imagine that finishing the school year and suddenly finding myself with a lot less to do is factoring largely into this. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I get this impression of treading water, just trying to keep my head up the best I can. I wonder blindly if this is going to continue through all of this deployment. I remember taking it much better when Batman deployed. I had this young, naive, and grand impression of Batman being invincible, and nothing ever being able to hurt him. I think this is an impression that most little girls have of their fathers. However, this deployment, hearing of injuries and regrettable deaths, it makes me fear greatly for the safety of my Green Lantern. I always carry the weight, the terror of those men coming to my door, and being whisked away, back to the states and leaving behind everything I have built here with my husband.

However, I find much comfort and solace in memories and images of my husband from the past year or so that we have spent together. It is these pieces, glimpses of our wonderful adventures around the world, or the quiet serenity of just imagining him in the house again, sleeping on the couch or playing with our dog Harley Quinn, that keep me together when I feel the weight of the lonely house.

Sunday reached a landmark for us: on June 17th last year, Green Lantern and I got engaged. I had flown to Europe to visit him, and the day after I arrived, Green Lantern took me to Austria. Salzburg is a wonderfully romantic city; it has a glorious cityscape that looks like an old city straight out of the a fairy tale. It is even complete with the storybook castle, up the hill, overlooking the mix of cathedrals, schools, and shops.

After arriving in the city and exploring all afternoon, Green Lantern led me into Mirabellgarten, the beautifully picturesque gardens towards the center of the city. You might know them as the gardens that were used to film the famous “Do Re Mi” scene in “The Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews. In June, it is a extraordinary place; gorgeous flowers are in bloom, creating beautiful patterns all throughout the parks. I particularly loved the Greek inspired sculptures, and the statues of the gods from Roman times, including Jupiter, Mars, Diana, Flora, Athena, Bacchus, Venus and Juno, among others.

It was in these gardens that Green Lantern stopped a random tourist to take a photo of us. It was after this that he asked if she could take one more, and proceeded to get down on one knee in front of me. He asked if I would make him the happiest man and the world, and to please agree to be his wife. I was… speechless. I quite literally couldn’t do anything but pull him up to kiss me and finally nod my obvious answer: Yes. He slipped the ring on my finger, and I honestly thought there would not be a time when I would ever be happier. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

The Ring

Looking back on this fond and happy memory, I still feel that to be true. I am the luckiest woman in the world to find my hero, and the man has loved me so well since. This brings me joy in my heart at the times when I feel like the quiet darkness of the deployment ushering in despair. I love my Green Lantern more than words can say, and it has only grown stronger since that day a year ago when I decided that I wanted to be a “Lantern” too.



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