Home at Last <3

Hello all,

Now I will openly admit that Green Lantern has been home for a few weeks. But honestly… any other military wife out there will tell you that once the guys come home, you do go MIA for a while. All of a sudden all of those routines that you have gotten used to, all of these habits you have formed are suddenly and completely interrupted. I find myself now struggling and running around the house full speed when he is gone, trying to get everything done so that when he gets home I can just sit in the same room with him and not feel obligated to get up and do anything. It’s an adjustment, but it is the most welcome adjustment in the world.

That being said, let’s talk about the welcome home a little bit. It was so beautiful, I really feel it is something that needs to be shared. Of course, the ceremony was a bit of blur. However, I can say that if you ever have the opportunity to go to one, do so. I think that it is probably the truest and most raw form of emotion that I have ever seen. I was standing in this mass of people, clutching this sign that I had spent literally weeks drawing and coloring and perfecting. His wedding ring felt heavy on my hand. I was so tired of wearing it. I would go from feeling flush like my skin was on fire from nerves to freezing cold with fear. I was SO anxious. I just wanted it to be over already.

Check out that Sweet Sign Action!

Check out that Sweet Sign Action!

When they opened the door to the hanger, and the guys (and girls) started to walk in, in formation, I couldn’t help but scream and yell. It is that level of excitement where you can barely control what your body is doing. Your heart is caught in your throat and your head is pounding. I couldn’t even see my Lantern… but I knew he was there. Somewhere in that mass of men in uniform was mine. He was ok, and he was HERE.

When they released the soldiers, it took me a few minutes to find him. But as soon as I saw him… there was no way anything could have ever kept me from him. When I got to him, when he hugged me and picked me up and kissed me… it really does make it worth it. I couldn’t pull away from him… not even for a second. The whole event has almost this dreamlike quality to it. For the rest of the day, I just kept staring at him. He was here… in my house… eating my food… playing with our dog… talking to me. He was real; not this moving image on the computer anymore.

I always hear that when they come back, it can be difficult. That the soldier can be a different person from what you remember. Honestly… it was never a worry. It is common knowledge that Green Lantern and I don’t do well apart. But it’s for a good reason; It’s because we belong together. He completes me, and completes my life. Everything is wrong when he is away. Having my Lantern coming home felt way more natural than him being away. There was no element of difficulty to it. I just wanted him with me. That feeling of treading water was finally gone. It was everything I needed. It was enough to make me feel normal again. In the end, that was all I really wanted.