Playing Catch-Up

Hello All,

Well… life has certainly gotten more interesting again. And to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. I have a few posts that I really want to write, but I figured I would start with our reintroduction to travel.

Oh God, how I missed it! I have said it many times, but it really is true. The best thing about living in Europe is the travel. In the past weeks since Green Lantern came home, we have taken two trips, both over four-day weekends. The first was Munich, and the second to Prague in the Czech Republic.

I’m going to be honest. Though we had a good time in Munich, it was a little strained. I’m not sure if maybe we didn’t do enough research, but we spent a lot of time walking around, and not a lot of time seeing things. Besides that, it was super cold, which made my knee irritated. Don’t misinterpret me; it is a gorgeous city. The old architecture made me feel like we were walking into a Disney castle.We also did a Bavarian Beer and Food Tour. Green Lantern loved it. I appreciated how informative it was, and did enjoy trying some of the new food.

Munich by Night

Munich by Night


Some of the highlights of Munich included a live performance in an underground jazz club, and the technology museum. This Jazz Club was amazing. It is literally built into the tunnels built under the city. We lucked into a live performance too. The band playing had a very interesting take on the genre. I would almost describe it as more of an experimental jazz group. All of the compositions had original and some strange components, but it still sounded so amazing, and somehow, still jazzy. I can truly appreciate a band who does something different, and does it well. As far as the technology museum goes, I agreed to go originally because I knew it would be something that my Lantern would be into. I was right; there was levels of planes and engines and things I know nothing about. However, I really appreciate the scale models of the changes in ships (even the Greeks and Vikings!), and especially the area devoted to the advent and innovation of printing. It was like my Graphic Design textbooks had come to life. The had a whole section just for Johannes Gutenberg (the German who brought movable type printing to Europe, and developed the first printing press), then a section for paper and how it’s made, as well as bookmaking. Maybe it’s silly… but I do really appreciate the fact that they celebrate something that makes what I do possible.

It may not look like much, but to us designers, it's our history!

It may not look like much, but to us designers, it’s our history!

Our next trip, just a couple of weeks later, was to Prague. Now, this was a city I could fall in love with. It had a lot of the charm of Italy, but with an exotic twist. And in this city… Man, we did not stop running.

Our very first night in country, we took in an opera. Not just any opera either: Don Giovanni. For those of you who might not know, this opera, about a man named Don Giovanni with a Casanova complex, was written by Wolfgang Mozart. We had the great pleasure of actually viewing in on the stage that it first premiered on in 1787. In fact, this theatre saw Mozart play on the stage within it, and is the only theatre in the world that can still say that. It was gorgeously done. In a post modern kind of style, it was a little unorthodox, but still enough to get my blood pumping and tie my heart in knots.

On our days out, we visited place after place. We took in two torture museums, a wax museum, and Prague Castle. It was beautiful  though struck me with more of a Hogwarts feel as opposed to the romantic castles and churches in Munich. We saw a live band perform in the Hard Rock Cafe there, a real treat. We took a walking ghost tour, and heard about all of the chilling deeds that were committed in the city. We watched the astrological clock, and walked across St. Charles Bridge. I honestly say that we had fun all the way through.

Prague Astrological Clock

Prague Astrological Clock

Though Green Lantern would probably tell you that the highlight of the trip was our hotel (we had a jacuzzi tub in our room), I think that the most impressive parts for me was the Jazz Cruise and the King Tut exhibit. We did the Jazz Cruise on the last night in Prague. It consisted of a three course dinner while cruising the river Vltava. They also had a live band playing through the ride, and we had the great pleasure of seeing the city all glowing and romantically lit for the night. The food was amazing, the band was good, and of course the company was impeccable. It was like date night on steroids. 🙂 The King Tut exhibit also easily captured my attention and imagination. When I was a child, I went through a phase where I was completely obsessed with Egyptian culture and mythology. Of course, I naturally did the reading and research on King Tut. This exhibition, which featured exact replicas of everything found within the tomb, was amazing. It covered a lot of information that I remembered (to my utter thrill), and reminded me of many things I had forgotten. It was beautiful, and I would have believed it was all real. It brought out the 11-year-old in me again, and it was something I will definitely carry with me until the day that I die.

Probably the most famous mask in the world!

Probably the most famous mask in the world!

Hope all is well out there. I will catch you next time.