Paris, France and a Recap

Hello All,

I know, I know. Bad BG, leaving the blog alone for so long. However, it isn’t just this blog that has been suffering. My photography blog’s love has also gone down. Green Lantern and I just have SO much going on. I’ll run you through the highlights. Little Shop of Horrors went off without a hitch. It was brilliant, it was perfect, and it was everything I wanted it to be. I’m not going to go into detail again… just look back at the last blog if you want to see my love-inspired ranting on that show.

Green Lantern and I took to traveling again. This time we took a lovely little jaunt through Paris, France. I have to say… what a gorgeous place. The day we arrived in Paris, it was completely miserable. It was cold and rainy; I don’t think I had ever been SO miserable trying to walk around a city. However, even in that weather, we still ventured out. We spent hours at the Louvre. I was so excited to see all of the beautiful works in there. Obviously the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo are world-famous and important, but one of my favorite neoclassical sculptures. It depicts Cupid and Psyche in a passionate embrace; it was sculpted by Antonio Canova and is a really iconic piece from the Romanticism movement.

Cupid and Psyche

After that, we visited Notre Dame, and though it was not really good for pictures cause of the rain, I was blown away by the gorgeous stained glass and natural light in the cathedral. It was something that I can not imagine having missed in Paris.

We tried to hit as many important monuments as we could over the next couple of days. Some of the highlights include the Arc de Triomphe and the beautifully moving Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that lies beneath it, the Eiffel Tower, the Naval Museum,  and lastly the War Museum and Napoleon’s Tomb. I really LOVED seeing the Palais Garnier, which served as the inspiration for  Gaston Leroux’s novel, The Phantom of the Opera. As a musical nut… I was obsessed, to say the least. It was so beautiful, and I could see why it was so inspiring to him. I felt the same way just looking at it.

Paris Opera House

We also did a super fun little trip into Shakespeare and Company. It is a bookstore that was opened by George Whitman. I just love it as a little piece of history, sitting there right in the view of Notre Dame. My favorite museum in Paris was Musée de l’Orangerie. It is a small gallery, but they have some most beautiful impressionist painting in the world housed there. My favorite were the large water-lily murals by Claude Monet.

Our last full day in France, we actually took a day trip OUT of Paris. We made out way out to the Palace of Versailles. You might know it because it is famously associated with Marie Antoinette, her marriage to Louis XVI, and their subsequent deaths during the French Revolutions. On the premises, the most famous of the rooms is the Hall of Mirrors. It was constructed in 1678, and, if I remember correctly, has over 350 mirrors in it. I would tell you about how fabulous and gorgeous it is, but honestly it was so crammed full of people that I felt most stressed out than anything while visiting. I would definitely say that it is worth the visit if you ever find yourself in France, but be prepared to fight to see it.

As all this was going on, we got an interest set of news too. My Lantern has told me now that it is official! We have our military orders, and we are going to be heading back to the states! We don’t know the exact date because of a class-in-route problem, but mostly likely before the year is out, I will be back on American soil. It is kind of a bittersweet thought; I am happy to be back with family and close enough to be there if I am needed, but I will miss the traveling so much. I have so much I want to see, and it kind of breaks my heart to know I’m not going to get it all. We have had a good run though, and I am just I will have a few more travel blogs in me before this goes away.  🙂

Just another day for military family! My next blog is going to be about Green Lantern and my travels through Greece, so stay tuned!