DIY: My New Pet Spider

Hello all,

This is a super easy DIY I made for Halloween. And trust me, after I week I had, I needed to do something a little different. Not that I don’t love editing pictures and wandering in and out of doctor’s offices, but ¬†seriously… I needed a project that I could do in a splint. This one is quick and fun, and I think will look great outside.

I got the idea from Pinterest of course, though mine process was a little different. The link to the original is here. But the basic process follows.


the “ingredients” so-to-speak

I got a spider that was a little too big so that I could make it look like it was trying to escape. He also has creepy light up eyes; I thought it would be a nice touch on Halloween night. I took two black wire baskets and hot glued them together around the spider. I brought out fishing wire to tie it together, but ended up not using it. The hot glue really did the trick for me.


Hot Glue… and a lot of it

After that, I took a section of pre-made spider web that you can find in pretty much any store with a Halloween section and wrapped the baskets in it. Now I did it a few times before deciding exactly what I wanted. I really pulled it apart so it would be thin enough to see through. Once I got it to the consistency I was happy with, I hot glued it in just a few spots to hold it in place. All it leaves me to do is attach a chain to hang it from once I finally get to a hardware store!

My Finished Product

My Finished Product

Done and Done! Nice to feel like I got something accomplished at least. Little victories.